“Honk If You Have Student Loans”

Among the reasons cited for protest in New York is the rising cost of student loans.  No question, as has been a fairly frequent topic on this blog, that the cost of education has progressed to an unsustainable level by both the shear dollar amounts involved, and even more glaringly by the long payback period.

Concerned students should be smarter consumers prior to saddling themselves with this debt however.  Find schools that deliver results, not blanket across the board, specific to your area of interest.  Universities that do not offer a steady mix of on the job experience as part of the curriculum should be bypassed for those that do.  Research the alumni base and attend schools that have graduates that work in executive level positions in companies that interest you.  Leverage those relationships for advice and internships.  Most of all, stop paying for mediocre classes taught by passionless professors.  Demand to get your money’s worth!

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