The Future of Jobs

So much to write about right now.  I’d like to comment on a recent special report from The Economist on “The future of Jobs” (link here).  This really should be required reading as it provides food for thought on a number of topics employment related.

The need for workers to constantly innovate and re-learn their own skill sets is critical for value added careers.  The pace of change in almost all industries is so fast, employees will need to find ways to motivate themselves and stay on top of the most in demand tools for their  trades.  If not, they risk becoming irrelevant to their lines of work.  Yet, so many phases of our current education system seems to be about memorizing and regurgitating information when we need to be teaching these future workers about problem-solving and finding answers to questions that might not be clear yet.

Another idea brought forward is the notion of companies creating in-house education and training programs to better equip their employees for the constant change and to also give a consistent level of education to all new hires.  I have seen firsthand this idea becoming more commonplace.  On-boarding programs have grown from a new employee’s first hour of introductions to week, month, or yearly cross-training programs.

These are areas that technology can really be a boon and a supporting tool.  The Internet builds connections in real-time for workers to collaborate and share ideas.  Informal learning connections can help employees solve problems and find a steady stream of new ideas.  The information is available on-demand and one of the most valuable skills, in my opinion, is finding answers online.  Let me rephrase that; finding relevant, accurate and timely answers online.

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