Higher Ed in China

I apologize for my absence from this blog.  Regular readers will know that these absences usually correspond to a highly involved project or one that requires extensive travel.  In this case, both apply.

Meeting with faculty, administrators, and students in China over the past several weeks and have come across a new perspective.  Previously, there was a push for Chinese students to study outside of China.  However, this year, there was a more visible appeal for students to stay within the country.

I don’t think there is any doubt that the quality of Chinese education, in this case higher education, has improved.  The caliber of research coming from faculty, degree requirements, and quality of teaching/student has risen.  I find that one of he most cited criticisms of Chinese education, that it doesn’t train critical and creative thinking to be changing dramatically, to the point that I believe this perspective is false at all of the top universities in China.

If true, that fewer Chinese students study abroad, major implications abound for the rest of the world.  US schools will need to find a new talent pool to recruit for both intellectual and financial resources.  Employers will need to re-think how they find, train, and hire employees as there will be a wealth of highly skilled workers coming out of Chinese universities.  It could trigger a brain drain of sorts if fewer highly educated students visit and stay in the US.

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