Tablets Changing Learning and Training

I’ve begun to play with a variety of tablets while working to design some learning apps.  More experimentation than anything else, i’ve enjoyed getting to know how to interact with iPad and Droid platforms.  I am convinced they offer a brave new world to deliver on demand, and in some cases live, learning sessions.

To this point, designing the content has been relatively easy.  Anyone with a solid background in e-learning development should have few problems, especially if that someone views themselves as more environment builder instead of fact dumper.  In previous posts i’ve written on this topic; needing to break up learning in to chunks, giving learners the opportunity to customize their own paths, etc.  This is especially true for tablets.  The ease with which you can work in multimedia, collaborative, positional and social tools opens new doors.

I do expect learners to continue to evolve their preferred methodologies as well.  I have already come to expect for many to prefer finding information on their own instead of me spoon feeding every last drop to them.  The tablet encourages this shift and even emphasizes the ability to multi-task.  All the more reason to break the learning into easily consumed bites instead of massive everything you ever wanted to know sessions.

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