Project Leadership

The team at Instructional Design Open Studio (IDOS) blog had an interesting write-up on project leadership and tips for a successful project planning meeting (link here).   Managing that initial meeting is critical to understanding the motivations and needs, and therefore exactly what the scope of the project that you’ll be working.

I appreciated the comments on leadership styles.  Having been a part of many launch meetings, I can echo the sentiment on the leadership style that doesn’t work well.

The kind of PI that doesn’t work is one who neither leads and neither lets go—and that kind will bring the work to a stop and ultimately get themselves sidelined or totally removed from a project. PIs who misread their own skill sets and try to do something they can’t will often end up in difficulties.

It’s a dangerous thing to not understand what you don’t know, and the negative consequences of that multiple when the work is project and team based.  Better to bring in subject matter experts to assist on a decision, instead of making it in isolation with little knowledge or experience of the issues.

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