Upside2Go: website focuses on mobile learning

Amit Gautam posted a SWOT analysis on mobile learning (link here).  The post also was my introduction to Upside2Go, from Upside Learning Magazine, a website focused on mobile education.

Mobile networks are now entering a critical period.  Available bandwidth is no longer a drawback to the mobile experience, and instead is at least on par with many cable/dsl home networks.  With the improved pipes comes the ability to push/pull content to end users, although it remains to be seen whether there is real demand for this improved throughput.

Also, as the analysis mentions, the lack of standards and in many ways rival standards and strategies create a risk factor for mobile content creators.  For instance, the war over the support of Flash has major impact for instructional designers.  Aside from needing a common platform to create animation and interactive visuals, many designers are familiar with Adobe products.  Not having across the board support could drive some educators from the mobile platform, or possibly even away from Adobe products.

My belief is that mobile learning will require a well thought strategy, much like the shift from traditional classrooms to online content delivery.  Smaller snippets more focused around learning objectives are a must.  For corporate trainers, finding a match to employee tasks and key measurables will shift the content away from being strictly a data dump and more to performance improvement job aids.


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