2011 Top Skills for Instructional Designers and e-Learners

I enjoyed this blog post by Eric Matas (link here) that presented 5 must have skills for e-learning careers.  Terrific explanations and examples throughout provide quite a bit of meat and potatoes for those in the industry.  Not much I would disagree with either, perhaps placing mobile a little higher on the list, but all are deserving of mention.  As his comments mention, some disappointment by not including the instructional design skills/methodologies, like ADDIE.  However that really does open the long debate over planning and tools.  If the emphasis in on tools, this looks like a strong list to me.  It also got me thinking what skills might have just missed the cut.  One that I think deserves a mention is open source programming and project management.  With the economy continuing to cramp budgets, it is noticeable to be able to manage a project from beginning to end, especially if it has the capability of saving bottom line dollars.  Now to throw a bone to the planning crowd, another I would add to this list is experience linking courses to KPMs and other metrics to measure performance.

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