Universities Recruit Chinese Students, Especially If They Can Pay Full Tuition

The NYTimes article “Recruiting in China Pays Off for US Colleges” highlights my fears that there is a growing double-standard in how colleges view Chinese students looking to study in the US (link here).

For the colleges, such tours are motivated at least partly by money.

Grinnell, for example, is “need-blind” when considering American students — who are evaluated regardless of their ability to pay — but its process for admitting international students is “need-aware.”

So an applicant from China or another country could have an edge if he or she can pay full tuition.

In the past, it was common for admissions at state universities to control the flow of out-of-state students, paying the higher out-of-state tuition, like a faucet.  When in need of higher tuition dollars, open the faucet and admit more applicants.  In a previous post, I touched on that this process was happening with Chinese students today so I am not surprised by this article.  Still, I strongly oppose this type of policy and activity and hope that the applicants do their due diligence and learn as much about the university as possible before committing to attend.

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