Workplaces That Value Learning

Most companies, and educational institutions, talk about how they value employee learning.  However, I have found that sometimes it is little more than corporate speak that is not backed up with the types of training programs necessary to deliver any  meaningful results.  Many say they want employees to train and learn but fail to provide the needed support and environment to make that possible. In worst cases, training curriculum was belittled and pushed aside time and again.  It is difficult to be an educator/trainer in this environment as you receive almost a constant stream of negative reinforcement.

That is why it is so special when you find a company or institution that truly does value learning.  One that creates an environment and provides the resources and support necessary to build and foster education.  Not only do these environment provide positive reinforcement for the trainers/educators, they become motivational in itself and help to push the curriculum in new and innovative areas.



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