More On Moving Data In Real Time

MIT’s Technology Review featured “Web Developers Get Real (Time)” (link here).  Readers of my blog know my fascination with this development and my belief that there is a bright future for business and education models that incorporate real time data and communication.

A long held question of mine is why there aren’t more companies utilizing the power of real time.  Sure, we can get facebook feeds and twitter tweets zapped as they are updated.  But where are the meaningful  (more so than social networking/entertainment) real time applications?  I believe Jud Valeski, CEO of Grip, gets it right near the end of the linked article:

Jud Valeski, CEO of Gnip, says few developers or companies are set up to handle the torrent of data many Web services provide—they don’t have the bandwidth, storage, or real-time processing power. He agrees that new approaches are needed to handle these kinds of feeds. Gnip recently started selling access to filtered portions of Twitter’s real-time stream. Valeski says programmers can apply their own rules in turn to further refine the data and how it is handled. Better tools for handling this kind of data will be part of the next wave of big change on the Web, he predicts.

Imagine the usefulness of real time applications between patient and clinic or trainer and student once these new data handling tools emerge and the necessary infrastructure becomes available and affordable.

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