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More On Moving Data In Real Time

MIT’s Technology Review featured “Web Developers Get Real (Time)” (link here).  Readers of my blog know my fascination with this development and my belief that there is a bright future for business and education models that incorporate real time data … Continue reading

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More Criticism Of For-Profits

The Education Trust, a nonprofit research and advocacy group, has released a report titled “Subprime Opportunity” that points to for-profits as providing “little more than crippling debt” (link here).  Among the allegations: only 22 percent of the first-time, full-time bachelor’s … Continue reading

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Overview Of Testing In Online Courses

A comprehensive look at designing tests for online environments by Learning Solutions Magazine (link here).  Noteworthy is the discussion on giving learners control over the content, with an emphasis on creating individualized learning environments that target personalized areas of need.  … Continue reading

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